Facebook is now more popular than Google?

13 Sep 2010

Almost 10pc of consumers’ time online is now spent on Facebook, overtaking search giant Google which now accounts for 9.6pc of consumers’ time online, according to new research from comScore.

The social glue that involves seeing what others are doing and saying as well as sharing your life in the form of status updates, pictures, videos and playing games now mean that people are spending 9.9pc of their time on Facebook, on average 41.1 million minutes in August.

This means users are spending more time with social media than search. Google accounted for 9.6pc of users’ time or 39.8 million minutes.

In the same study last year, Yahoo! accounted for 12pc of users’ time compared with 5pc on both Facebook and Google. This year Yahoo accounts for 9.1pc of users’ time online.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years