Deloitte chooses Sophos for hard disk encryption

12 Oct 2011

Consultancy Deloitte has implemented 1,300 licences of Sophos SafeGuard to provide full hard disk encryption for its laptops and desktops.

Employing 1,100 people between offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, Deloitte’s work across audit, tax, consulting and corporate finance often involves accessing and storing highly sensitive information.

As part of their roles, Deloitte staff also regularly visit client sites or work on the move outside the relative safety of the corporate network. In some instances, certain clients require that the firm can demonstrate a high standard of security on its portable devices.

Deloitte had implemented full public key infrastructure (PKI) technology in 2004, which saw the introduction of smartcard technology for controlling access to buildings, computers and printers. The same security strategy led to the decision to introduce full data encryption for end-user devices.

The firm chose Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise to protect information from data breaches and to comply with regulatory mandates. SafeGuard Enterprise is a modular information protection control system, enforcing policy-based encryption for PCs and mobile devices.

SafeGuard Enterprise is fully transparent to end users and is easy to administer from a single central management console, providing Deloitte Ireland’s consultants with multi-layered data security on each of their endpoint devices.

“With Sophos, we can confirm – on an ongoing basis – the status of every device on our network, giving me complete reassurance that each of our people’s laptops is secure,” said John Gray, director of the IT and operations department at Deloitte Ireland.

SafeGuard Enterprise’s policy enforcement and key management delivers centralised data security control across mixed IT environments to provide consistent implementation and enforcement of company-wide security policies. Centralised key management makes secure storage, exchange and recovery of data simple and comprehensive data protection covers all kinds of devices with full disk encryption for laptops and desktops.

Gordon Smith was a contributor to Silicon Republic