What does Google know about you? Pretty much everything

20 Jan 2017

Image: Pathdoc/Shutterstock

Just how much of your life is logged in Google’s computers? This infographic explains where, how and why one of the most recognisable companies in the world has such an interest in you.

Google is everywhere, all the time. Here are just some examples of how.

Google is making an awful lot of smartphones, Chromecasts and wearables. Two Google smartwatches are expected in the next couple of months and, with the company releasing Android Wear 2.0 in February, a flagging wearables market could soon wake up.

The global market share enjoyed by Android hit new heights late last year, with 87.5pc of all smartphones now using the operating system – up from 84pc in 2015. Apple’s iOS is down 3.5m units, from 13.6pc to 12.1pc. Emphatic.

Internet accessibility is also being driven by the company, with recent plans to ditch its army of drones supplying internet to the masses hardly a sign of weakness, and more a repositioning of resources – its balloons may soon fill the skies.

Cars are connected. TVs. Music systems. Entertainment systems. One login to rule them all.

With that, Visual Capitalist has gotten a bit creative with the facts, compiling an infographic chock-full of interesting figures.

For example, Google generates more than $67bn a year in ad revenues, it processes trillions of searches annually and, through its YouTube service, provides 82pc of the videos watched online.

How can you get away? Perhaps it’s impossible, perhaps not. This infographic should explain it all.

Infographic: Visual Capitalist

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic