pTools enables Lincolnshire police talk to public via social media

18 Mar 2010

Dublin content management software player pTools has deployed a new social media system that allows Lincolnshire police to communicate directly with their community online via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With the newly developed social networking feature of pTools CMS software, the police force can easily and efficiently update all their online presences in one session, without the need to log in and update each account separately.

pTools CMS is already used to deliver content to the Lincolnshire police website with the new feature distributing content via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The police force has embarked on an internally led online outreach programme that has successfully engaged the local community.

Warnings and notices can now reach thousands of Lincolnshire residents instantly. The police force serves a population of 646,000 and one of the largest geographic areas in the UK with a beat of 2,284 square miles.

Lincolnshire police topics over social media accounts

The range of information and news broadcasted over its social media accounts include: Potential crime, scams, dangers alerts, traffic and/or serious incidents, CCTV footage, community alerts and local policing information, information appeals, arrests, convictions and crimes averted and policing campaigns and strategies.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the level of take-up of our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites, with new ‘fans’ joining and following us daily,” Lincolnshire Police Force website development officer Graham Lord explained.

“Using social media sites helps us engage with, and get our messages out, to groups who might not normally visit the force website,” Lord added.

The move comes as the BBC announced the results of a worldwide survey that revealed the No 1 priority of internet users was to find information (47pc), with the next most popular aspect being the ability to interact and communicate with people (32pc).

“Since launching our new website we are also seeing positive reactions to appeals for witnesses and information about crimes, along with significant increases in visitors to our news and recruitment pages. The ability to quickly and regularly update our online content is key to keeping us noticed,” added Lord.

IT and communications staff from Lincolnshire Police Force worked with pTools to define their requirements. pTools has recently embedded social media and networking features to its software. From within the pTools CMS, social media content can be easily re-distributed to any site anytime in any format on any social network.

“The community aspect of the internet has grown so much in importance that a public service, like policing, should engage online,” said Lee Annett, customer relationship and business development manager at pTools.

“Content is at the heart of the social networking experience so enabling pTools software to distribute content through social media has been a priority for us,” Annett said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: A new social media system allows Lincolnshire police to communicate with their community online via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years