Revenue in multimillion storage rollout

22 Jun 2005

The Revenue Commission has signed a multimillion-euro contract to enhance its information management infrastructure with Fujitsu Services and EMC.

The solution will consolidate the Revenue’s storage and backup facilities, while providing a fully integrated and centralised management system.

Fujitsu Services is responsible for project managing the deployment of the EMC storage area networks (SANs) and associated backup software and tape libraries.

Together with EMC it will implement two SANs – one in Revenue’s primary production site in Dublin and the second to replicate production to a second site.

The solution will consist of an EMC Symmetrix DMX storage array at each site, EMC Connectrix SAN switches, Symmetrix remote data facility software for disaster-recovery replication and EMC Replication Manager for online backup of critical applications. These will be attached to Revenue’s key enterprise server cluster and a range of mid-tier machines. The system will be managed by EMC ControlCentre family of management software that will integrate with existing enterprise storage solutions.

Liam Ryan, who is responsible for ICT strategy in Revenue, said the investment will underpin the range of ambitious projects recently set out in the Revenue’s strategy plan.

He added: “In addition to providing guaranteed capacity and agility across unfolding projects, it is a key enabler of our ongoing server consolidation policy, while also ensuring that business continuity and disaster recovery for new systems is more readily plumbed into a common infrastructure.”

By John Kennedy