Spam levels back to normal after festive peak

17 Jan 2008

Spam is back to its pre-Christmas figure of 88pc of all emails received after a surge to 95pc over the festive period, Irish consulting and technical services company IT Force has said.

IT Force’s research analysed more than 90,500 emails received by IT Force and its clients over the last week. Over 79,250 (88pc) were spam.

The most popular virus contained in spam emails was the I-Worm.Zafi.B, followed by the Trojan.Dropper-3675 and Worm.SomeFool.Gen-2 viruses.

“During the Christmas period, spam traffic reached a peak high of 95pc, mainly due to the decline in legitimate business emailing during the holiday period. However, this unusual percentage is now decreasing and getting back to pre-Christmas levels,” said Joe Molloy, sales director for managed services at IT Force.

By Niall Byrne