Give the gift of mice this Christmas

11 Dec 2008

Christmas is naturally a time when people feel a bit more charitable and look toward those in need, so when organisations like Oxfam began offering the option of sending goats and cows to developing nations, the tech community got involved too … by offering the gift of mice.

Irish charity Camara refurbishes and sends computers, printers and other peripherals to developing nations. This Christmas it has launched a special Christmas Shop, where giving techies and non-techies alike can buy the gift of education in these countries by selecting from a bunch of 25 mice for €25 or a computer for €50 to be sent to an African school in countries including Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

For the perfect corporate Christmas gift, a full computer lab will be sent to one of these schools for €2500, which will consist of about 25 refurbished computers.

When you buy one of these gifts for a friend, colleague or business partner, a Christmas card will be sent with details of your donation, so make sure that on Christmas Eve not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse, because they have all found good homes!

By Marie Boran