Next PlayStation – the ‘Orbis’ – to launch in 2013?

29 Mar 2012

PlayStation 3

Rumours of the next PlayStation – reportedly code named the ‘Orbis’ – have emerged, suggesting it could have a restricted used game system and may see a release at the end of 2013.

Kotaku reports that, according to an internal source, the next PlayStation’s working title is the Orbis, which is Latin for ‘circle’ or ‘orbit.’ The report also notes that if the word ‘Orbis’ is combined with the name of Sony’s portable console the PlayStation Vita, it would make up the phrase ‘Orbis Vita’ (or in strict Latin, ‘Orbis Vitae’) which translates to ‘circle of life.’

This could possible suggest that the next PlayStation console could feature heavy integration with its portable PS Vita console.

It’s rumoured to have an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU, which could make the console capable of displaying games at a resolution of up to 4,096 x 2,160. It could also play 3D games in 1080p. The report notes this is the console’s current spec and could change as development continues.

From the beginning of 2012, a chosen few developers have reportedly received development kits for the new console to allow them to work on launch games. Revised kits were reportedly sent out later and the beta units may be sent to developers by the end of 2012.

Used game restrictions?

The Orbis may be unable to play PlayStation 3 games and could have restricted used game measures built into the console. When someone buys a game on a Blu-Ray disc or PSN download, it may be locked to a single PSN account and players must authenticate new games online.

If they try to trade in the game, the person who buys the used game will be limited as to what they can do, which could mean they can only play a trial mode or be restricted to content. They could have to pay a fee to unlock and register the full game.

The console could see a release for Christmas 2013.

Next-generation consoles

Rumours on the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles have been circulating recently, suggesting that 2013 will be the year of next-generation consoles.

The only confirmed next-generation console is Nintendo’s Wii U, which offers a touchscreen tablet-shaped controller, a console which will display HD graphics and precision motion controls. It’s set to arrive in the US, Europe, Australia and Japan by the end of 2012.

Meanwhile, rumours of the next Xbox suggest it will be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360 and developers could get development kits for the console in August of this year. It may also have an anti-used game system. It could see a release in 2013.