Nintendo’s new DS: two touchscreens and camera?

30 Sep 2008

It’s official: a Nintendo spokesperson has acknowledged that there is indeed a new model of the popular handheld games console, the DS Lite, coming to market. However, the Japanese games company has not yet confirmed exactly what improvements we can expect, but as usual the online rumour mill is actively guessing.

Tokyo-based newspaper, the Nikkei Business Daily, claimed that the new DS would be taking on the Apple iPod touch with new features like a built-in camera and the ability to play music.

Similarly, the DS would begin to eat into the niche market of Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld console, which has Skype functionality, if it gets the predicted wireless comms functionality.

With over 77 million units sold to date worldwide, Nintendo’s DS handheld games console is a best-seller, eclipsing Sony’s PSP, which has sold a considerably more modest number of units in the area of 44 million.

Other reports suggest that the new DS will also change format by having two touchscreens instead of the current single bottom touchscreen interface, which has been on the wish-list of Nintendo fans for some time now.

While Nintendo has not officially spoken about any of these improvements, it is thought there may be a Christmas release on the cards for this new, improved DS Lite.

By Marie Boran

Pictured: the Nintendo DS Lite. Will a revamped version be produced in time to tempt consumers this Christmas?