Siemens launches mobile video handset

18 Feb 2003

In a move that it hope will revitalise the beleaguered mobile sector, German technology company Siemens has launched a new mobile handset with video camera.

At the 3GSM conference at Cannes today the company debuted the new multimedia enabled SX1 high-end mobile phone. The device features an integrated camera and a high resolution colour display. The SX1 was created on the basis of the Series 60 software platform that builds on the Symbian mobile operating system (OS).

Symbian is a mobile OS that enables small devices to run sophisticated software.

Rudi Lamprecht, member of the managing board of Siemens, said: “The SX1 is our first Symbian-based handset with a built-in camcorder, plus a full set of business applications directly comparable to a normal handheld computer.”

As well as the video phone, Siemens also debuted the entry-level A55 mobile phones that will be introduced alongside a range of fashion phones it debuted last week.

With the introduction of the Xelibri brand, the company claims to be creating a new category – the Fashion Accessory Phone. These phones will be branded alongside names well known in the fashion industry.

The company says that turning mobile phones into fashion accessories will generate demand for second and third-generation phones.

Lamprecht said: “With our growth initiative we want to revitalise the mobile communications market long term.”

The 3GSM conference continues until Friday.

By Suzanne Byrne

Pictured: Siemens SX1