Sony does victory dance over HD-DVD’s grave

19 Mar 2008

Gloating victor Sony has offered owners of HD-DVD devices €150 off the purchase of Blu-ray high-definition DVD players.

Last month, Toshiba conceded defeat after Time Warner decamped to throw its lot in with Blu-ray. Last night, Toshiba said profits will fall 31pc on the back of the high-def DVD defeat, as well as falling demand for flash memory.

Yesterday Sony said that to celebrate its victory it will offer €150 off a new Sony Blu-ray player.

The company said consumers just need to bring their old HD-DVD player to a Sony dealer and will get the €150 off the retail price of the BDPS300 or the BDPS500, which retail for recommended prices of €499 and €899 respectively.

The Sony Blu-ray BDP300 has a 1080p high-definition picture, 7.1ch surround sound, Bravia theatre sync and 24p true cinema, which means you can view films
at 24 frames-per-second.

The Sony Blu-ray BDPS500 features 24p true cinema, Bravia theatre sync, x.v.colour, advanced HD audio features and motorised slide door.

By John Kennedy