The week in gadgets

26 Apr 2011

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Lenovo to release ThinkPad tablet for professionals

Details of Lenovo’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet have been leaked, revealing it will utilise a stylus for sketching and noting and will run on a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

According to This Is My Next, the Lenovo ThinkPad will offer a 10.1-inch display and front and rear cameras.

The ThinkPad will offer mini-HDMI and micro USB ports and an SD slot, with 3G and 4G connectivity options.

According to the report, the Lenovo ThinkPad could see a release around July or August 2011.

Last mechanical typewriter manufacturer shut down

Godrej and Boyce, the last company to produce the mechanical typewriter, has closed its production plant in Mumbai, India.

According to the company’s general manager Milind Dukle, speaking to India’s Business Standard, Godrej and Boyce don’t get many orders for the devices anymore, causing the shutdown of the factory.

The typewriter, whose origins dated back to 1714, first went into mass production in 1868. It hit its peak of production in the 1950s before being rendered obsolete by modern computers.

It was initally suggested that the typewriter itself would be rendered obsolete. However, it seems that the mechanical typewriter will be the only type affected, with the electronic typewriter still in production.

Google Video users can now transfer clips to YouTube

Google will allow users to transfer their footage from Google Video, a service which is due to close soon, to YouTube.

Last week, Google announced Google Video would close, ending playbacks on 29 April.

However, after receiving feedback from users, the company has decided to get rid of the 29 April deadline and will work to automatically migrate Google Video content to YouTube.

Users can also send their Google Video content to YouTube. After associating a YouTube account with their Google Video account, users can click “Upload Videos to YouTube,” which is seen on their Google Video status page.