Vine comes to Apple Watch

25 Nov 2015

Vines, those tiny little Twitter-powered videos, are now viewable on those tiny little Apple Watch screens.

Vine is actually bringing out two software upgrades today, with the Apple Watch combination joined up with a new ability to swipe left through more and more Vines.

The watchOS app launched, but, for some reason, we couldn’t download it in here. Presumably that means it’s a US release, first, but early reviews of the app show similar issues for others too.

So, here’s what we know so far. Vine’s Apple Watch app is live-ish. This means you can watch Vines on your wrist, and monitor the number of loops on the watch face. Neither of these sound too fantastic.

The new iOS update, though, is a bit of a shift. When you’re finished watching a Vine you can basically swipe left and a ‘related’ Vine appears next up.

You can keep swiping until boredom overcomes you, something at home with both Twitter-based attention spans and, indeed, other swipe-based activities.

Apple Watch image via Anna Hochuck/Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic