Health software firm donates €1.8m in tech to Trinity lab

15 Sep 2009

Ireland’s largest health-care IT company has committed to equipping Trinity College Dublin’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences with €1.8m worth of state-of-the-art software and IT infrastructure.

Helix Health has agreed to provide the complete IT requirements for a newly developed School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences lab in Trinity College Dublin, including all computer equipment and accessories and Helix Health’s pharmacy management software.

The installation involves building more than 40 independent pharmacy systems for students to learn about dispensing, drug interactions and pharmacy management practices. It is expected that this new state-of-the-art facility will be available to students later this year.

Under the agreement, Helix Health will continue to update and maintain the systems ensuring that the systems in use by the student population reflect accurately the market changes, including the latest drug updates and information on drug interactions.

“The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is delighted to have Helix Health as a co-sponsor of the Boots Practice of Pharmacy Teaching and Development Unit” said Prof Marek W. Radomski, Head of School, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Trinity College.

The commercial value of this bequest by Helix Health is more than €1m euro initially, with a further commitment to equip the lab with specialist Hospital Pharmacy IT infrastructure and Chemotherapy dispensing applications later in the academic year which represents a further commercial value of more than €800,000.

“Helix believes strongly in the importance of investment in education and ensuring that students have access to the very best of breed in pharmacy technology,” says Howard Beggs, chief executive of Helix Health Group.

“Whilst Helix has always sought to support students through research grants and sponsorship, this commitment to the Trinity College School of Pharmacy represents by far our biggest commitment to third-level education,” Beggs said.

The Helix Health CSR programme, of which the TCD donation is part, has committed monies to the Benevolent Trust Fund of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland through sponsorship of the Irish Pharmacist Awards, the direct sponsorship of the “serious fun” programme at Barretstown Gang Camp for sick children and the direct sponsorship of student research projects at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Trinity College Dublin.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years