Science Hack Day Dublin: start with nothing, end with something amazing

24 Jun 2015

Tools used at last year’s Science Hack Day Dublin. Photo by pingulette/Flickr

Following a shout-out from Science Hack Day founder Ariel Waldman at Inspirefest 2015, the dates for 2015’s Science Hack Day Dublin have officially been announced.

We spoke to Science Hack Day Dublin co-founder David McKeown at the Inspirefest Fringe festival – where he was representing Dublin Maker, another community he co-founded.

Inspirefest Fringe offered a taste of the upcoming Dublin Maker event, and the endlessly energetic McKeown (who is a rocket scientist by trade) is also making plans for this year’s two-day science hackathon taking place from 14 to 15 November.

David McKeown, Science Hack Day Dublin

Science Hack Day Dublin co-founder, David McKeown, at the 2014 event

“It’s a big hackathon. Start with nothing on Saturday, work all through the day, all through the night, all through Sunday, and end up with something amazing,” said McKeown.

This year will be the fifth year of Science Hack Day Dublin, making it just two years younger than the original event spawned in San Francisco by Ariel Waldman in 2010. Waldman spoke at Inspirefest 2015 about the origins of this now-global community and her efforts to involve more people in space hacking.

Photos by pingulette/Flickr, courtesy Science Hack Day Dublin

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