Billboard compiles Social 50 of popular artists

3 Dec 2010

US entertainment journal Billboard has started to compile a ‘Social 50’ chart listing of the most successful artists/performers by their social media activity.

The new weekly chart will rank artists on metrics such as weekly additions of friends, fans, followers, page views and weekly song plays.

The rankings will also be influenced in terms of the ratio of page views to fans.

“The Social 50 provides a weekly snapshot of the artists that music fans engage with the most in the social arena, which in today’s world is a significant validation of their investment in an act,” says Billboard chart director Silvio Pietroluongo.

A sign of the times

The Social 50 will appear alongside other popular charts on and every Thursday, and in Billboard magazine every week.

“We continue to adapt the way we chart the changing landscape of music,” says Billboard editorial director Bill Werde.

“The Social 50 is yet another step in the evolution of Billboard and an important response to our changing times.”

The top 10 artists on the Billboard Social 50 this week are:

1.    Rihanna

2.    Justin Bieber

3.    Eminem

4.    Lady Gaga

5.    Nicki Minaj

6.    The Black Eyed Peas

7.    Katy Perry

8.    Ke$ha

9.    Linkin Park

10.  Shakira

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years