Netflix partners with TED to host TEDTalks Shows

26 Mar 2012

Netflix has partnered with TED to host TEDTalks Shows on the Netflix platform for UK and Ireland users. There are 14 TEDTalks Shows available initially on Netflix.

The partnership will see content from TEDTalks Show hosted on Netflix. TED is an organisation which offers talks from hundreds of experts in a variety of different subjects and makes them available online.

Each TEDTalks Show is a curated selection of TED talks which aims to introduce Netflix viewers to new ideas.

The initial offering of shows will include episodes such as ‘Beasts, Bugs and Bio-wilderment,’ ‘Defying Disease,’ ‘Crime & Punishment’ and ‘Beauty & Fashion: Beneath the Skin Deep.’

“TED is delighted to offer Netflix subscribers these jumping-off points for exploring the world of ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to stir the imagination.” said June Cohen, executive producer of TED Media.