Tech tweets of the week

3 Sep 2011

A compilation of this past week’s Twitter messages – from the serious to the whimsical – from some top names in technology.

slow news day.
TechCrunch founder and co-editor Michael Arrington, posted on the same day it was revealed that he would raise a venture capital fund for tech start-ups followed by AOL’s decision to find a new editor to avoid a conflict of interest

Found this in a bar last night
Pat Phelan, director of products and innovation at MAXROAM

There’s only one problem with replying to email. You get more email.
Josh Williams, CEO and co-founder of Gowalla.

Yes… Mango DOES support Front Facing Cameras! See the evidence first hand in the new HTC WP7.5 phone lineup.
– Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s corporate vice president and director of Windows Phone Program Management

I get to move tomorrow! It will feel soooo good to stretch for the first time in space!
Robonaut, NASA’s humanoid robot, prepared for a movement test on the International Space Station this week