Twitter users most influential online – report

5 Aug 2010

Active Twitter users are the most influential online, being three times more likely to impact on a brand’s reputation through syndicated Tweets, blog posts, articles and product reviews than the average consumer, according to a new report.

The Subscribers, Fans and Followers: Twitter X-Factors report by ExactTarget and CoTweet, which surveyed more than 1,500 online consumers, found that Twitter users are the most influential online consumers, with 72pc publishing blog posts at least monthly, 70pc commenting on blogs, 61pc writing at least one product review monthly and 61pc commenting on news sites.

According to the report, Twitter users are six times more likely than average users to publish articles at least monthly; five times more likely to post blogs at least monthly; seven times more likely to post to Wikis at least monthly; three times more likely to post product reviews at least monthly; three times more likely to participate in online forums at least monthly; and five times more likely to share coupons on coupon sites at least monthly.

Content creators on Twitter

“Consumers active on Twitter are clearly the most influential online,” said Morgan Stewart, principal, ExactTarget’s research and education group.  “What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter. While the number of active Twitter users is less than Facebook or email, the concentration of highly engaged and influential content creators is unrivalled — it’s become the gathering place for content creators whose influence spills over into every other corner of the internet.”

Top of the list of user motivations for following brands on Twitter was getting updates on future products (38pc), followed by wanting more information about the company’s activities (32pc), receiving discounts and promotions (31pc), getting information about upcoming sales (30pc), and getting freebies, such as coupons and samples (28pc).

Interestingly, the survey also found that 23pc of online consumers read Twitter updates at least monthly and that nearly half of these do not have a Twitter account themselves.

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