Take 5: Understanding the internet of things

5 Oct 2015

Philip Moynagh, VP of IoT, Intel. Image: Conor McCabe Photography

Explaining the internet of things in easy-to-understand language can be a tricky task.

IoT Makers Week
There is no doubt that the internet of things (IoT) has been the buzzword of recent times, with all of us constantly being told that it is going to revolutionise our lives.

There’s much talk of ‘smart’ cities and even chatter about Croke Park becoming the world’s first ‘smart’ stadium, with Ireland, through Intel’s operations here, providing much of the technology on which the backbone of the internet of things is based.

But, while phrases like the ‘internet of things’ or the ‘internet of everything’ are common parlance for those of us working every day in the world of science and technology, it is not something that is so easily understood by the general public, whose lives it will soon be affecting.

With this fact in mind, earlier this year, we collaborated with Philip Moynagh, the vice-president of the IoT group at Intel, and graphic harvesters Think Visual, to produce a video series to give a simple guide to the internet of things.

Moynagh outlined five easy steps to engaging with IoT, explained the effect it could have on the life of your pet and the taste of your pint, and he also discussed Moore’s Law and its effect on IoT.

Watch the full series of videos below:

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Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.