VR theme park makes laser tag look really rubbish – Gigglebit

11 May 2015

A new virtual reality (VR) theme park called The Void has been given its big reveal, promising players the chance to battle aliens on far away planets and make laser tag look like something from the Stone Age.

Known as The Void, the organisers based in Utah have plans to launch a VR theme park, the first of its kind in the world, in 2016, not just in their native land but across the world.

The tech behind the theme park is certainly a lot more futuristic looking than a flimsy plastic chest mount and sensors, as it uses its own Rapture equipment.

The headset features a curved 1080p OLED display THX headphones, and head-tracking sensors.

Meanwhile, the Rapture vest looks like something akin to military-grade body armour that will react to any stimulus in the game, such as being shot in the VR game.

Even the gloves are packed with tech to allow the player to reach out and touch objects in-game.

“Experience everything from haunted castles to dinosaur safaris to futuristic battles, and with our competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes you can share these incredible experiences with family and friends,” says the site’s blurb.

Until then, salivate over this trailer…

Image from VR theme park game The Void

Image from VR theme park game The Void

The-Void-body-2 The-Void-body-3

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic