3Strata launches travel vaccination application

6 Oct 2011

Sean Baker, chairman, and Richard Boyd, CEO of 3Strata Technologies

Software start-up 3Strata Technologies has launched its first product – a travel vaccination application developed to assist medical practitioners in managing the rising demand for travel vaccination clinics.

Headquartered at NovaUCD, 3Strata Technologies was co-founded in 2010 by Richard Boyd, a former director of Executive Medical Care, and co-founder of Iona Technologies Sean Baker.

Called Inca Clinic, the new application has been devised to simplify the complexity of creating, managing and integrating a patient’s travel itinerary, vaccine schedule, medication and related health information. 

It also takes care of stock control, batch number management and vaccine administration. Delivered using a software-as-a-service model, Inca Clinic enables travel vaccination clinics to become more efficient, profitable and better connected to their customers.

“Our aim is provide medics, travellers and pharmaceutical companies with the software, support and information they need to reduce the health-related risks for people travelling to at-risk destinations,” said Boyd, CEO, 3Strata Technologies.

“Our vision is to achieve this by using software applications to interconnect all stakeholders in the travel vaccine market. Inca Clinic is the first in a series of applications we intend to launch to achieve this interconnection. We already have a number of customers using Inca Clinic in New Zealand and the UK and we hope to be signing up other new clients in the near future.”

3Strata’s next application

As Inca Clinic is provided to clinics using a centralised internet service, travellers will soon be able to access their travel vaccine itineraries and other vital health information using 3Strata’s next application, Inca Traveller.

Inca Traveller will be accessible via social media and mobile applications and will provide travellers with vaccine reminders and news alerts, as well as also enabling travellers to communicate with their clinic more easily while they travel.

3Strata Technologies has raised seed funding in May 2010 from Enterprise Ireland, the promoters and private investors.