Irishman in Australia starts water meters sing-song on YouTube

2 Oct 2014

Still from 'Shove your Water Meters up your Arse' by Robbie Dunn on YouTube

Irish folk singer-songwriter Robbie Dunn may be based in Brisbane, Australia, these days but he keeps abreast of current affairs in his homeland and has shared his musical sentiments on YouTube.

All the way from the beachside suburb of Manly, Dunn and his friends Billy Gerrard and George Zukiwshy haved joined forces to sing a distinctly Irish ditty dedicated to the installation of water meters across Ireland.

Dunn has even gathered up some relevant props for the tune, with an obligatory Ireland scarf along with a child’s potty and a toilet brush, which Zukiwshy deploys with aplomb. It’s not altogether clear what Gerrard plans to do with the didgeridoo, though.

With discussion around water meters dominating the conversation among Irish people on social media this week, it’s only a matter of time before lyrics such as, “I can’t afford to flush the loo when I do a number two,” are on everyone’s lips.

Meanwhile, Dunn has responded to commenters on YouTube suggesting that an additional tune based on the water meter protesters is in the works.

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