Remember when Left Shark danced its way into our hearts?

8 Dec 2015

As we approach the close of 2015, now is the time to look back on the year’s great, hilarious and bonkers internet trends, starting with the year’s first instant internet sensation.

Left Shark shouldn’t have really been a thing. It was half time at the Superbowl where Americans, if they’re not at the game, are vegging out on the couch with light beer and nachos covered in nuclear cheese.

But this year, on that February evening, people were somewhat bemused by the sight of the set popstar Katy Perry had chosen for her performance of Teenage Dreams – with it featuring a beach with balls, palm trees and two odd-looking sharks.

As it turns out, this performance was to spawn a meme so loved that it took months for it to actually be usurped.

That meme being, of course, Left Shark, which poorly danced its way into our hearts with a costume that really made it look like he/she had a rather sad face.

As it turns out, the man behind the shark was one of Katy Perry’s back-up dancers, Bryan Gaw, who said that the fact he was dancing so half-heartedly was down to directions from the choreographer.

Either way, the internet reacted the only way it could to something so ludicrous, that being, memes, GIFs and more memes.

Birth of Left Shark


Even Back to the Future fans got in on the game

Left Shark BTTF


And while we’re on the subject of films, the internet couldn’t resist with this one.

Left Shark Jaws


As for Left Shark’s seemingly poor performance on the night, well, there was something to blame…

Left Shark endorfins


The almighty gifs

Look at him go!

Left Shark toilet paper


Meanwhile, Russel Crowe as Captain Jack Aubrey from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World looks none too pleased.

Russel Crowe left shark


But sometimes, you want to put a ring on it. Although that might be a bit difficult to do on a fin.

Left Shark Beyonce


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The performance that spawned Left Shark image via Huntley Paton/Flickr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic