Did Pocahontas’ Kocoum give us the greatest reaction GIF of 2015?

11 Dec 2015

Epic Kocoum cosplay by Junkers Cosplay. Photo via Martin Wong/Facebook

Whether you hate smelling leaves or just can’t get enough of ’em, Kocoum has the right reaction GIF for you.

Disney fans will recognise Kocoum as the man ditched by Pocahontas for English explorer John Smith in the 1995 animated movie about a Native American princess.

Though a marriage had been arranged between Kocoum and Pocahontas, he caught his beloved smooching with the enemy while he concealed himself in the forest. At this shocking sight, Kocoum goes wild, running screaming towards the loved-up pair.

A high-quality GIF of Kocoum’s jealous rage was posted to Reddit by ajaxknight back in February 2014, but it was when user BigJ76 had the wherewithal to add this rollercoaster of emotion to the Reaction GIFs subreddit in June this year that the online world was gifted with a new favourite reaction GIF.

And what was BigJ76’s scenario warranting a Kocoum-style sprint?

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You see how this works, right?

The Kocoum reaction GIF instantly took off on image-sharing network Imgur, a community that found countless situations in which a raving battle cry would be appropriate.

Like, when you remember that you’re allergic leaves.

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Or, in reverse, when you remember that you actually love leaves.

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With more advanced editing skills, came even more Kocoum scenes, such as this contribution from Phillster Killster on Tumblr.

Kocoum reaction GIF

MRW my shift is over at work and they ask if I want to stay later

You see, the second-in-command warrior of the Powhatan tribe is no one-trick pony.

He robs banks.

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He gets abducted by aliens.

FP-Edit: <a class=”imgur-image” data-hash=”R0kVasB” href=”//i.imgur.com/R0kVasB.gif”>http://i.imgur.com/R0kVasB.gif</a>

He plays games.

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He satirises homophobic sentiments.

How I imagine Australia vs our Prime Minister Tony Abbott right now: <a rel=”noreferrer nofollow” target=”_blank” href=”https://imgur.com/gallery/lVXBqbY”>https://imgur.com/gallery/lVXBqbY</a>

He enjoys real-life Mortal Kombat re-enactments…


… but Super Mario is his real passion.

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He cooks.


He loves a treasure hunt.

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In fact, he fancies himself a bit of a general huntsman…


… after all, he is an outdoorsy type.

Instant re-leaf

His day-job, however, is at the airport.

Thanks for the cutout /u/AncientSilverback!

And, like all of us, he gets really frustrated when technology fails him.

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He may have lost the girl, but the Imgur community crowned Kocoum “the new Javert” (in reference to 2013’s reaction GIF of note, if you didn’t already know).

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(Although, there is that crazy rumour that Kocoum is Javert.)

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He brought joy to the internet this summer and, for that, we love Kocoum.

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His legacy lives on.

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You go Glen Kocoum.

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Main image of Kocoum by Junkers Cosplay via Martin Wong/Facebook

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