The Jurassic World meme that got the world’s wild animals under control

14 Dec 2015

Jurassic World star Chris Pratt with Anna Faris at the world premiere in June 2015. Photo via DFree/Shutterstock

This summer, the Jurassic Park franchise was revived with a fourth instalment – and a new meme was born.

Jurassic World grossed a monstrous record opening weekend take of $511bn worldwide and, judging by the pictures below, many among that audience were zoologists and zookeepers.

Even in a world where dinosaurs have been resurrected, it’s hard to believe that Jurassic World’s Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) could command and control a trio of vicious velociraptors by his sheer presence and outstretched arms, but keepers of the world’s captive animals quickly turned to social media to prove the power of Prattkeeping.

As it turns out, the Jurassic World stance works on just about any animal.

This photo fad exploded during the summer of 2015, as professionals caring for animals all over the world shared photos from an average workday using the hashtags #Prattkeeping, #JurassicZookeeper and #JurassicZoo on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

#raptorsquad #clevergirls #chrispratt #raptorshotremake #prattkeeping #jurassiczookeeper #zoorassicworld

A photo posted by Susie Rodenkirchen Walker (@susiethefivetoedsloth) on

#jurassiczookeeper A photo posted by Jeff Harwell (@jeff_harwell) on

#JurassicWorld? We think you mean Giraffic World!! #JurassicZoo #jurassiczookeeper #raptorshotremake @prattprattpratt #GoWildinGreenwich

A photo posted by LEOZCC – A 501c3 Charity (@leoconservation) on

#Jurassiczookeeper #Ubonzoo #Zoothailand #สวนสัตว์อุบลราชธานั

A photo posted by @mawmeaw_engineer on

#jurassiczookeeper #jurassiczoo A photo posted by Stephanie Triplett (@stellar40272) on

Even those charged with more domesticated animals couldn’t wait to make Pratts of themselves.

#jurassicworld #jurassiczookeeper #rarebreed #furthereducation

A photo posted by @robrobrobyn on

In June, Tumblr user feminerds (also known as Talia from Brisbane, Australia) explained how, according to her zookeeper friend, this had “become a craze in the keeper community”. 

Wrangling our red pandas, raptor squad style #JurassicZooKeeper #ZoorassicWorld A photo posted by Elmwood Park Zoo (@elmwoodparkzoo) on

The trend even launched its very own Prattkeeping subreddit.

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Chris Pratt himself was delighted with the fun being had from his character’s moves, and a particular highlight for him was this dino-taming kid who had him crying laughing.

Chris Pratt on Facebook

It turns out, Prattkeeping even works on humans.

Lol keeper #jurassiczoo #jurassiczookeeper #tamed A photo posted by Sammie ?⚓️ (@sammielynn05) on

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Comedians…deadly…but they CAN be trained. #JurassicMidnight @jonahray @thegynomite @kumailn A photo posted by Chris Hardwick (@hardwick) on

It might even help to keep pesky drones off your lawn.

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Main image of Jurassic World premiere by DFree via Shutterstock

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