Teresa Mannion: Ireland’s latest internet superstar

7 Dec 2015

Storm Desmond wrought havoc on Ireland over the weekend, with those in the west, as usual, feeling the brunt of it. But, amid all the chaos, a star was born.

Teresa Mannion, a journalist for RTÉ in Galway, was out on the streets throughout the height of Storm Desmond’s activity, showing us at home, on our warm couches, just how miserable life can get when you’re going the extra mile for work.

Now, we’re used to Twister-chasing journalists in the US, whose goal is to get as close as possible to a doom-mongering weather event, constantly being lampooned online. But the Irish audience’s instant response to Mannion’s valiant efforts was almost as impressive as her own, incredible professionalism.

There’s the original:

There’s the fantastic club-mix:

The immediate response from a calmer, faker Bryan Dobson:

A child’s-eye view:


Lego and dinosaurs:

Don’t make unnecessary journeys! #TeresaMannion

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Plenty of fashion, tears, sympathy and humour:

Teresa’s response:

More humour:

And loads, and loads, of respect:

Cliffs of the west coast image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic