Facebook looking to open sales office in China

13 May 2014

Beijing image via Wikimedia Commons

Despite being heavily censored in the country, social network Facebook is looking to open a sales office in China with the hope of creating greater links with Asian advertisers.

The move would mark the first time Facebook staff would set foot in the single-party state and, according to Bloomberg, will be looking to open the office within a year.

The office would be expected to open in Beijing’s Fortune Financial Centre, the hub of not just the country’s leading business districts, but one of the world’s largest.

The Chinese government has banned Facebook since 2009, but the company has been working its sales team under the radar with an office it established in Hong Kong outside of the central Chinese government’s control.

Facebook has yet to officially confirm the opening of offices on the Chinese mainland, but the company did tell Bloomberg it is dealing with Chinese businesses from a sales and advertising perspective.

“Today, our sales team in Hong Kong is supporting these Chinese businesses, but because of the rapid growth these businesses are achieving by using Facebook, we are of course exploring ways that we can provide even more support locally and may consider having a sales office in China in the future.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic