ESB’s UK portfolio expands with wind energy developments

28 Apr 2015

ESB has partnered with Coriolis Energy to develop nine projects that will generate a total of 400MW of wind energy in the UK, with up to UK£600m to be invested.

The generation output would be sufficient to power 225,000 homes, with the first project planned to be operational by 2019. The majority of projects will be in Scotland, with wind-farm developments south of the border currently being investigated.

“ESB’s partnership with Coriolis Energy confirms the company’s continuing commitment to renewable electricity generation and further reducing the carbon mix in our portfolio,” said Pat O’Doherty, ESB’s chief executive.

“ESB is delighted to be making this agreement as the Coriolis Energy team has significant experience in wind energy projects that will complement ESB’s existing expertise and experience of developing and operating projects in UK and Irish markets.

“This partnership gives us an opportunity to increase our presence and capability in onshore wind in the UK through high-quality projects.”

Meanwhile, David Murray, MD of Coriolis, claimed ESB’s scale, capabilities and desire to build a substantial onshore wind portfolio in the UK make them an ideal long-term partner.

“We look forward to successfully completing the development of our existing project pipeline with them and using this as a platform for progressing further opportunities as the market continues to develop.”

Windboarding image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic