11890 to provide free directory enquiries to Eircom landlines

1 Feb 2012

Urging Irish landline owners to ‘buy Irish’, 11890 chief executive Nicola Byrne says new jobs could be created on the back of a new free directory enquiry service to all Eircom landline callers.

Byrne’s 11890 directory enquiries business employs 60 people in Galway and more could be on the way, she says.

“Job creation for us, it is a simple numbers game,” Byrne said. “If the Irish public avail of the free service they will not only save money they will directly create employment in an Irish-owned and operated company. Think ‘buy Irish’, but without the cost.”

On average, 700,000 enquiries are made to the service every week.

Byrne says she hopes this latest initiative from 11890 will inspire other Irish companies and management teams to look beyond the supposed complexities of job creation and find simple direct solutions, such as the free campaign that will hopefully provide employment and help increase confidence amongst the Irish public.

“I believe it is important to do something positive and I urge other business people or businesses to follow suit and hope that the Irish people will support all those who are trying to get things moving forward in Ireland,” Byrne said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years