9 June: global launch date for 3G iPhone

26 May 2008

As reported on siliconrepublic.com back in December 2007, the 3G iPhone looks set to be announced in June with a specific date of 9 June being bandied about.

Gadget news site Gizmodo claims that an official source close to the 3G launch does indeed confirm this 9 June date.

It is rumoured that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, will officially launch the 3G handset in his keynote speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, which kicks off on 9 June and runs until 13 June.

The keynote speech, as detailed on the Apple website, is set to showcase the Mac OS X Leopard but also demonstrate OS X iPhone development platforms that allow third-party software developers to create applications for the iPhone, something which would tie in neatly with the announcement of a new, improved 3G model.

Since last year’s launch of the iPhone, its main criticism has been the use of EDGE or 2.5G connectivity, when many other handset manufacturers use the speedier 3G technology.

Jobs cited handset size and battery life as major reasons for incorporating EGDE into the first-generation iPhone and had indicated at the UK launch of the iPhone in November 2007 that a 3G version would be on the way in the next year.

While previously the Apple iPhone was launched out in the US, followed by a slow rollout in other countries, the 3G launch is said to be more or less simultaneous with an 18 June date set for Spain in conjunction with the opening of mobile operator Telefonica’s new flagship store.

3G aside, some other improvements rumoured to be included in the second-generation iPhone are GPS, a non-recessed headphone jack (now we can use some good on-ear headphones like Skullcandy!) and a glossy black backing in place of the current metal and plastic finish.

By Marie Boran