Esat BT cuts DSL prices

4 Jun 2003

Esat BT has announced that it is cutting the price of two of its business DSL packages. The company said the move was made possible by last week’s ComReg decision on the price of local loop unbundling.

The price cut represents reductions of between 14 and 15pc and applies to Esat BT’s ADSL 1Mbps and 2Mbps business connections, with reductions applicable on existing and new connections from July 1st.

Esat BT’s ADSL 1Mbps package will now cost €175 per month, dropping from €204. It’s ADSL 2Mbps option, formerly €400 a month, will now be priced at €340 per month.

“We have been able to substantially reduce our prices to Irish businesses right across the country today. That’s the direct impact these decisions can have, and we congratulate ComReg for taking this significant step,” said Bill Murphy, the company’s chief executive.

“If we are serious about getting Ireland out of the broadband doldrums, we must embrace decisions like these that stimulate demand and stimulate badly needed competition. Resisting the changes that are imperative in positioning Ireland as a truly competitive marketplace on a global scale is like holding back the wind – change is inevitable if we are to succeed economically, socially and as a society,” he added in a remark clearly aimed at Eircom. The former incumbent was unhappy with the ComReg decision and it has been rumoured that it will challenge it in the courts.

By Dick O’Brien