Survey: Mobile marketing ‘more effective than web’

5 Oct 2004

A new survey has discovered that Irish consumers believe mobile marketing methods are more effective than web advertising. Some 66pc of people between the ages of 13 and 70 believe mobile-based marketing methods to be more effective than web-based advertising, the survey by IBEC-backed Mobile Marketing Forum claims.

The survey covered some 1,500 people between the ages of 13 and 70 and found that 47pc of people find mobile marketing to be more effective than radio advertising while 48pc believe it is more effective than outdoor advertising.

The survey found that 78pc of people feel that SMS texting is most effective as part of an integrated campaign, whilst 84pc of females and 77pc of male respondents would consider entering a competition to win a free holiday after receiving a text message.

The survey found that 73pc of respondents say they would be lost without their mobile phone and 63pc of respondents would be prepared to pay for information alert services via their mobile phone. Some 69pc of respondents would purchase mobile content such as ringtones, logos and screensavers.

Considering the large cost saving that can be made with mobile market, Paul Mooney, chairman of the Mobile Marketing Forum says that the results should make most Irish marketing managers sit up and take notice.

“The key message coming from this report is that mobile marketing is fast emerging as a low cost and highly effective channel to market. Irish consumers have shown themselves to be way ahead of their international counterparts in terms of embracing mobile phone use across the spectrum of services, and mobile marketing is no different,” Mooney said.

“This report shows that people are willing to engage with brands via their mobile phone, driving a level of interactivity unseen in any other advertising medium,” said Tommy McCabe, director of the MMF.

“The survey shows that the mobile marketing industry is no dotcom bubble,” McCabe added. “Irish companies operating in this field have strong business models with consistent revenue streams.”

By John Kennedy