Hello again: Apple confirms 27 October event for return of the Mac

20 Oct 2016

Apple has sent out invites for a 27 October event at its California headquarters, evoking the unveiling of the first Mac in 1984. Image: Apple

In 1984, Steve Jobs ushered in a new era in technology when the first Mac appeared with the word “Hello” emblazoned on the screen. Well, Apple has just hinted at a new era with the words “Hello again”.

As we anticipated, Apple has sent out invites for an event at 10am (PST) at its Cupertino headquarters, evoking memories of the first Mac’s big reveal in 1984.

In 2016, there will be no big Super Bowl ad and Lionel Richie is only singing Hello to nostalgic fans.

But a whole new line-up of Macs – the first revamp in years – is expected to arrive.

The new Mac line-up

Rumours suggest the release of at least two new MacBook Pro notebooks that will have an OLED screen above the keyboard, dynamically adjusting different functions to match what apps you are using.

There are also rumours that Apple will reveal a new desktop Mac Pro with a new design, which will be rackable in terms of extra storage drives.

The new hardware comes weeks after Apple revealed its new macOS Sierra complete with Siri and Apple Pay integration.

Other hints suggest Apple may move to an all-USB port arrangement and drop the traditional USB ports, or that it may drop its own MagSafe connector in favour of the all-in-one port it uses on the 12-inch MacBook.

Again, at this point, only Apple really knows.

So hello … again!

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years