Catherine Zeta-Jones tweets turn spotlight on bipolar disorder

14 Apr 2011

Twitter users’ non-stop tweets about the news that actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has sought treatment for bipolar disorder has helped shed light on the subject.

While most tweets on microblogging site Twitter are just relaying the news that Zeta-Jones recently finished a brief stay at a mental health facility, others range from tasteless jokes (“Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlie Sheen would get along so well”) to words of support (“Kudos to Catherine Zeta-Jones for being open about it”).

Many tweets, however, have pointed out that biopolar disorder doesn’t mean a person is “nuts”, and link to articles explaining biopolar disorder and its treatment.

“Show some respect!” one tweet read, adding that biopolar disorder doesn’t make Zeta-Jones crazy.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterised by periods of highs (mania) and lows (depression).

Zeta-Jones’ rep said the Oscar winner decided to get help after dealing with the stress of the past year that included husband Michael Douglas’ battle with throat cancer.

Following treatment, Zeta-Jones is “feeling great”, her rep said, and Douglas said in January he is now tumour-free following intensive chemotherapy treatments.