HP unveils reclining touchscreen desktop PC

7 Feb 2011

HP unveiled the TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC – a touchscreen desktop computer with a 60-degree reclining display.

This 23-inch diagonal HD display reclines from upright to almost flat, allowing consumer and business users to adjust its position for comfort.

It reclines up to 60 degrees and tilts up to five degrees forward, designed to increase comfort for long-term usage of the device.

The wide-angle LED backlit LCD screen also has a 180-degree wide-arc swivel to allow users to share the screen with others. Its touch technology recognises fingers as they come in contact with the display for a more accurate response.

HP TouchSmart 610 PC

The device has HP’s RecipeBox application, webcam and music apps and a touch-optimised Twitter app. Users can also download applications from the TouchSmart Apps Centre.

The TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC also offers Beats Audio, letting users hear music the way the artist intended it to be heard.

Selected models of the TouchSmart also features strategy game R.U.S.E. with multitouch capabilities.

It also has HP’s Link-Up application, letting users connect any laptop or desktop PC to the TouchSmart PC through a home network in order to transfer files or view content.

The HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC will be available from April.