Sagem NFC phone ‘Cosys’ up to seniors market

9 Nov 2010

Sagem Wireless has launched a new near field communication (NFC) mobile device called the Cosy, aiming for an easy-to-navigate interface for the seniors market.

Users can make calls, write texts, open apps and get content by waving their device over a preconfigured NFC tag.

This lets users access features and content without navigating through menus on the handset.

The tags can be customised for the user to assign an action over each tag and can be used in commercial apps for access and data capture.

The Cosy Phone is designed with ergonomic features, such as raised, enlarged keys, micro-vibration feedback for confirming input and high-contrast fonts for legibility.

According to a statement, Sagem is aiming this at the seniors market, which it says is “under-served by traditional mobile phones.”

Sagem says the easy-to-use interface, NFC features and ergonomic form make the device highly accessible for this market.

“We approach the design and development process looking at both market needs and a strategy that makes the most of available technologies,” said Jerome Nadel, EVP marketing and user experience for Sagem Wireless.

“NFC is a perfect example of a technology which, when used intelligently and creatively, can deliver real usability benefits that transform the mobile experience.

“The Cosy Phone leverages the capabilities of NFC to improve usability for personal use while enabling a growing ecosystem of business applications,” said Nadel.

Other features include a 1.3-megapixel camera and a cradle for recharging the handset.

The Cosy Phone is available from November in the UK and Ireland.