Sony returns to Japan’s e-book market

26 Nov 2010

Sony Corp has said it is set to re-engage the Japanese electronic book (e-book) market with its Sony Reader and an online book store that will offer around 20,000 titles.

The book channel will offer books, primarily in Japanese, in time for the end-of-year rush and in time to synch it with its 5 and 6-inch screen Sony Reader e-book, which goes on sale 10 December, according to Reuters.

300,000 forecast sales

The company announced it would resume selling e-book readers in Japan for the first time since 2007 – hoping to win more than 50pc of the market share in digital publications with a forecast 300,000 sales in year one.

Sony and Panasonic had previously removed themselves from the e-book reader market due to a lack of content for the devices but by providing its own digital library of titles, Sony looks ready to re-launch its bid for e-book market success.