The week in gadgets

3 Aug 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Google continues to innovate with its free web-based productivity suite Google Docs. A new addition now makes it possible to translate your documents inside the editor into one of 53 different languages.

And worry not – this is not the only Google buzz (ahem) happening this week in gadgets. The search engine giant has also begun the rollout of the latest version of its mobile OS across Europe for the HTC Desire in the form of FroYo bringing some nice additions, including the ability to sync with iTunes.

Android is doing quite well overall, in fact with the Nielsen Company releasing a report Monday claiming the operating system is nearly eclipsing BlackBerry in smartphone popularity stakes in the US, even though it is less than two years old. The iPhone, however, remains top of the heap.

Speaking of the iPhone, it will come as no surprise that the hackers have been busy fiddling around with the latest handset. Browser-based jailbreaking tool JailbreakMe has apparently made it possible to force the Wi-Fi only FaceTime video chat service over 3G.

The iPad is also being prodded and poked by techies and some now claim that details of the next-generation tablet lie in the iPad’s enterprise management tools documentation. These notes apparently point to the presence of a camera, reports