TomTom goes to the Dark Side with Vader sat nav

4 May 2010

I think I can safely say that the childhood dreams of more than a handful of people have come a little closer to reality today as TomTom releases the Darth Vader voice for download for its sat nav devices, with C-3P0, Yoda and Han Solo to follow shortly.

You can experience the power of the Dark Side as you’re driving to work or the shops: the Dark Lord Darth Vader will guide you to your destination.

Even better is the fact that some of the best Star Wars sounds are also included on this download so you can roll your windows down in a traffic jam and startle some passers by with the roaring of the Tie-Fighter engine or perhaps challenge someone to a nerdy duel by activating the light saber swooshing sounds.

And to top it off there are some pieces of music from John Williams’ iconic Star Wars score in there, too.

Darth Vader’s directions will be laced with menacing threats and his signature heavy breathing. Here is an example of what you can expect to hear: “Bear left, to the Dark Side. Then in 200 yards you have reached your destination. The Force is with you, but you are not a Jedi yet.”

C-3PO’s voice will be coming to the TomTom in June with Yoda arriving in July and the final voice – that of the cheeky rascal Han Solo – comes this August. Thankfully, neither the whiney nasal witterings of Luke Skywalker nor the bleeps of the adorable but unintelligible R2D2 will be available.

TomTom’s Star Wars voices are in association with LucasFilm and and Darth is available right now for €9.95.

While you’re downloading Vader to your sat nav, you should also check out TomTom’s Star Wars game that allows you to test your allegiance to the Force. Are you a good guy or do you yearn for the Dark Side?

By Marie Boran

Photo: Darth Vader of Star Wars