Windows Phone 7 update ‘bricks’ some Samsung phones

24 Feb 2011

Microsoft has said it is working to fix the recent Windows Phone 7 update that left some Samsung phones temporarily unusable.

The first minor update to the Windows Phone 7 platform caused some owners’ Samsung phones to be ‘bricked.’

Many said the update did not complete. In some cases, the user was left with an error message and was unable to restore the previous firmware, rendering the phone unusable.

According to Microsoft’s Windows Phone blog, 10pc of users experienced an issue in updating their phones. The blog claimed the reason for nearly half of these failed updates was due to a bad internet connection or insufficient storage space. It also said the update makes a backup of phone data as a precaution.

Microsoft said it has identified the issue which affected the Samsung phones and are working to fix it.

The company said it has suspended updates for the Windows Phone 7 Samsung smartphones. However, reports say this hasn’t happened just yet.