Xbox sales through the roof, slim-line model on the way?

30 Sep 2008

It looks like Microsoft’s decision to drop its entry-level Xbox 360 Arcade down to €180, while bringing the classic 360 console down from €279.99 to €239.99, has paid off.

In the past two weeks, European sales for the games console have risen by 214pc, according to ChartTrack, which monitors hardware, software and music sales across Ireland and the UK, as well as the rest of Europe.

This translates to over six million units sold in Europe up to last week, and leaves Sony’s PlayStation 3 next-generation console in a precarious position, as according to ChartTrack, it is now being outsold by more than two-to-one by its Xbox 360 competitor.

“This data shows that the Xbox 360 trajectory continues upwards, and not just in the UK,” said Chris Lewis, vice-president of Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business EMEA.

“We’ve seen uplift in all countries in Europe, and are confident that even at this rate of growth, we can keep retail satisfied with a steady supply of consoles throughout the Christmas season.”

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 is rumoured to be getting a complete facelift, perhaps even with an announcement before the Christmas shopping period, although it would not be expected to go on sale until sometime in 2009.

According to, Microsoft India confirmed rumours that the slim-line Xbox 360 is indeed on the way, but gave no further details about what we could expect apart from confirming an announcement sometime in December.

A svelter version of the Xbox 360 has also been speculated about on Engadget, which had posted pictures of what appeared to be the actual device, but was soon proved otherwise.

It is thought that apart from a new-look chassis, the new 360 could sport a GUI (graphic user interface) that may resemble a 3D slider interface on a reflective ‘platform’, not unlike the cover-flow aspect of iTunes but perhaps with 3D avatars à la Nintendo Wii thrown in.

By Marie Boran

Pictured: is the price-slashed Xbox 360 Arcade ready for a slim-line reincarnation?