Helix Health makes €2.5m R&D investment

17 Dec 2007

Irish healthcare IT firm Helix Health has revealed plans to invest €2.5m in a research and development (R&D) strategy that will drive the company’s expansion into new markets.

The investment, which is supported by Enterprise Ireland, will enable Helix to develop a patient-management software system for the healthcare market and the company will use the technology to support a drive into new markets, starting with the UK.

“Helix Health currently derives 15pc of its revenues from the UK market and we hope to raise this to between 25pc and 30pc next year, with the help of Enterprise Ireland investment,” explained Helix’s chief executive Howard Beggs.

“We have made great inroads into the UK market, where we already have 12pc of the pharmaceutical market.

“We have plans to focus heavily on this market in the foreseeable future and intend expanding Helix Health’s presence in existing and new markets,” Beggs continued.

“We plan to develop a credible and scalable business platform for future investment and growth in the UK healthcare market.”

Helix is Ireland’s largest indigenous healthcare IT firm and has over 30 years combined experience in this field.

“Helix Healthcare is the dominating software provider in the Irish healthcare market and one that shows strong potential to be at the leading edge of IT healthcare internationally,” Enterprise Ireland’s head of scaling Patricia McLister said.

“Enterprise Ireland’s scaling unit is working closely with the company to develop international market opportunities and this investment marks a significant step in our shared goal of building a global healthcare software solutions company of scale,” McLister said.

By John Kennedy