Microsoft embraces tree huggers

30 Oct 2007

Microsoft today launched MSN Green, an offshoot of its entertainment and media portal dedicated to environmental news and information with content provided by respected environmental news sites including and

There are four green-oriented categories: articles, tools, photos and videos. The tools section allows user to calculate their carbon footprint, add their names to online petitions and other positive action steps to become more eco-friendly.

There is extensive information on niche areas like green travel guides, green living and eco-friendly gadgets and technology tips.

Microsoft said the reason behind dedicating an entire channel to all things green was that traffic and visitor click-through on the MSN’s other channels indicated an ever-increasing demand from web surfers for this content.

For example, environmental awareness concert at on 7 June generated over 15 million streams on the day of the concerts which outnumbered the level of TV viewers, making it the most popular online entertainment event in history.

MSN Green is supported by National Geographic and Conservation International, as well as

By Marie Boran