The environmental impact of video games (infographic)

10 Jul 2012

Six billion pounds of games and consoles have been sold, and if all the games and consoles produced by Nintendo ended up in a landfill, that would amount to the weight of more than 5,555 Statues of Liberty. That’s just two pieces of information illustrated on a new infographic about the environmental impact of video games.

The infographic published by Big Fish Games on uses information from several sources to also provide some facts and figures about gaming in general, for example, there are now more video games in existence than people. That’s quite an environmental impact when it comes to video-game hardware – the plastic used to make most games and consoles doesn’t decompose, according to the infographic.

There is a positive side here, however. Through downloading, gamers can enjoy playing their games without contributing to waste. For example, if all games were downloaded instead of manufactured, that would save 2.4bn gallons of crude oil, the infographic states.

Video games and the environment

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic