YouTube increases upload limit for users

30 Jul 2010

YouTube has taken Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame quite literally by extending video upload length to – you guessed it – 15 minutes.

To celebrate subjecting the YouTube viewer to 15 entire unbroken minutes of subject matter that will no doubt be as compelling as Piano Cat and the ‘Leave Britney alone’ guy, we are being encouraged to take advantage of the new upload limit by making our own themed ’15 minutes of fame”.

YouTube explained that the reason the 10-minute limit that had been in place for years has been increased is because the company put resources into creating and improving upon its Content ID system and tools for copyright owners.

So what YouTube is trying to encourage is your own 15 minutes of fame, not somebody else’s.

“Because of the success of these ongoing technological efforts, we are able to increase the upload limit today. We will continue our strong commitment to provide advanced technology and tools to protect the rights of small and large copyright owners worldwide,” said Joshua Siegel, product manager, upload and video management, YouTube.

“We’ll also do everything we can to release incremental improvements like this one that benefit our video creators,” he added.