iTraffic brings real-time traffic app to Ireland

30 Jul 2010

Three-year-old Irish company iTraffic has introduced a revolutionary new smart phone app – Twaffic Navigator – that delivers real-time traffic data with turn-by-turn navigation.

Brendan Conway started iTraffic in 2007 after 30 years in the motor trade and having set up another business, RM Distribution, which imported and installed in-car entertainment and security devices.

“In selling sat navs and other devices I realised there was no dynamic traffic information in Ireland, so I put the partnerships in place to allow iTraffic to collect, detect and publish real-time traffic information,” he said.

“A lot of new technologies were needed and I have made an overall investment of €1m myself to get the company going.”

Compatible with 1 million smartphones

Twaffic Navigator can be used on 99pc of smartphones (1 million) in Ireland. It receives traffic flow updates every five minutes and provides advanced warnings of potential bottlenecks such as accidents, road works or even road closures throughout the journey.

It is Ireland’s first smartphone-enabled navigation device to include real-time traffic information that allows users to check journey times before setting off – the ‘know before you go’ feature – and provides the fastest route to destinations every time, re-routing around traffic incidents.

Pedestrians, as well as vehicle drivers, can use the new app, which also has a ‘Near Me’ facility to allow you to find the nearest restaurant, golf course, public park, etc.

The ‘share your location’ feature, for those who use Facebook and Twitter, provides location-based tweets and alerts with a precision map to display to your friends and colleagues.

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