Twitter execs establish new all-female angel investor group

5 Mar 2015

A team of current and former Twitter employees have banded together to create #Angels, an angel investor group to fund start-ups, but bucks the trend in being an all-female group of investors.

The group of six investors are not specifically looking to invest in female-led start-ups, but will no doubt offer a welcome change with some of the most recent figures showing that in the US, only 20pc of angel investors are women – the highest it has ever been.

Explaining who they are in a post to Medium, the investors are comprised of former Twitter employees April Underwood – who effectively led Twitter’s development in terms of its syndication, advertising, and data – as well as Chloe Sladden, who developed Twitter’s strategy and partnerships with a number of media organisations.

The other four members are currently working in Twitter and consist of Jana Messerschmidt (vice-president of global business development and platform), Jessica Verrilli (director of corporate development and strategy), Katie Jacobs Stanton (vice-president of global media) and Vijaya Gadde (general counsel and secretary).

Avoid Twitter-like start-ups, however

The #Angels team members are quick to point out, however, that they are not forming a fund, but will rather invest individually in various start-ups. A word of warning for those looking to create the next Twitter, though: the women stress that because #Angels consists of current Twitter employees, they can’t fund anything that could be deemed a competitor.

Speaking of their mission statement, the team members said, “Technology is no longer an industry category. As has been well-chronicled, it has become a foundation to every business, ranging from healthcare to transportation to finance to education and beyond.

“Every company will be a technology company. And the lessons learned from building a company like Twitter are relevant to an increasingly wide range of products, businesses, and industries.”

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic