Limerick’s ResourceKraft expands its team

20 May 2010

Two experienced businesspeople in the IT and energy field have just joined the ResourceKraft, the Limerick-based energy-management and cost-control solutions provider, which is steadily gaining market share in Ireland, the UK, broader Europe and US, helping firms to streamline their energy costs.

Back in April 2010, ResourceKraft, a Limerick based start-up, now based at University of Limerick, which was founded in 2007 by Frank Casey and Liam Relihan, both of whom had formerly worked at Intel Communications Europe, secured a €600,000 investment to fund its expansion beyond the Irish and UK market.

Peter MacNamara will now be chairman of the ResourceKraft board. A graduate in electronic engineering, MacNamara had worked for Intel Corp for 10 years as managing director of Intel Communications Ireland (Shannon) and most recently served as director of Software Alliances for EMEA based in Switzerland.

Peter Macnamara

Peter MacNamara

In 1999, he set up Basis Communications Europe, opening its first R&D centre outside of the USA at East Park Shannon. Basis was acquired by Intel in 2000.

Also joining ResourceKraft is Dr James McGreer, who will work with customers in promoting the use of ResourceKraft energy management and cost control systems and energy efficiency management processes.

Having worked for BP Chemicals during the Seventies and Eighties, McGreer returned to Ireland in 1990, where, on behalf of Enterprise Ireland, he founded the Polymer Development Centre, which played an instrumental role in assisting the IDA to attract some of the world’s leading medical-device manufacturers here.

Commenting on his appointment at ResourceKraft, McGreer says: “I enjoy the double satisfaction of providing operational managers with energy and facilities saving services which have a 20/30 week payback and improve their carbon footprint.”

About ResourceKraft

ResourceKraft delivers software systems to help businesses effectively manage their energy costs. The company claims to provide a ROI in 12 months or less via its energy management software systems, which are targeted at both medium and large-sized firms.

Linking with academia and industry on energy-saving technologies

ResourceKraft is developing technology-driven products to assist organisations of all kinds to measure and reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions, to assist with utility bill management and to help enforce corporate policies on all of the aforementioned.

ResourceKraft invests in and develops its own intellectual property.

The company is strategically linking up with researchers in both academic and industry as it strives to be at the forefront of research into energy-saving technologies for businesses.

By Carmel Doyle

Photo: Liam Relihan and Frank Casey, founders of the rapidly expanding ResourceKraft, which provides energy management systems to businesses, helping to ensure energy is managed as a business cost

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic