3 launches free video-on-demand mobile service

29 May 2009

Mobile operator 3 has launched the country’s first video-on-demand service for mobile handsets that will be fully funded by advertisers.

The free service, which will be available to both pre- and post-pay 3 customers, is powered by mobile enabler Gorillabox and will comprise of a range of mobile videos and games funded through advertising in the form of 10-second adverts placed at the beginning and end of the content video stream.

“The fully ad-funded service is an innovative approach to providing real value to our customers,” explained Rob Langton, head of products at 3.

“Gorillabox will plan, manage and track the content across the portal and work in conjunction with 3’s advertising partner Sales Online to handle all advertising inventory.

“Gorillabox’s technology will enable us to show our strength as a leading-edge new media and e-commerce brand, and the combination of branded and user-generated content should provide something for everyone,” Langton added.

The service can be found under the ‘Free Stuff’ icon on Planet 3 on handsets. Initial content available will be ‘laugh-out-loud, candid camera-style’ videos, celebrity gossip and short films, with other content and games expected in the coming weeks.

Hotel search site 1800 Hotels has signed up to trial the service at launch. Demographic information will be requested for first-time content users, enabling 3 and Gorillabox to develop tailored content for consumers and target audiences for potential advertisers.

“There is a massive demand for mobile video-on-demand and 3 has consistently been one of the most innovative networks in mobile content,” said Christian Harris, founder and CEO Gorillabox.

“Only Gorillabox can handle the advertising content and volumes of video streaming which 3 Ireland anticipates from this free service. The fact that Gorillabox not only designs, builds and manages sites such as the 3 Ireland service, but can also manage all customer data capture as well makes us truly a 360-degree service provider,” Harris added.

By John Kennedy